Parenting Coordination

Attorney Daniel J. Freyberg is a trained Parenting Coordinator in Brevard County, Florida. Parenting Coordination can best be described as a “child-centered intervention for divorced or separated parents whose children are at risk for harm due to exposure to ongoing conflict and parents who are distracted by divorce.” Carter, D.K. (2011) Parenting Coordination: A Practical Guide for Family Law Professionals, New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.

This relatively new dispute resolution method is generally reserved for only the highest conflict parents, and only a few professionals are trained and available to help parents in this specialized manner. The process requires a Court Order, and then a contractual relationship between the parents and the Parenting Coordinator. While the process is described as “child-centered”, the children themselves are rarely involved, and the process is focused on assisting the parents to find new ways to effectively share their children in a way that reduces stress on the children by reducing conflict between the parents.

Attorney Daniel J. Freyberg has been involved in working with children and families in numerous settings during his nearly 40 year professional career. He is a parent himself; he has been a counselor, an instructor for children and adults, a juvenile Intake Officer, a Family Mediator, a Guardian ad Litem, as well as a Family Attorney, and has served in many other capacities, all devoted to the best interests of children and families.

If the conflict between you and the other parent of your children seems never-ending, resulting in multiple litigations or other interventions, and you are concerned for the welfare of your children who are “in the middle” of such conflict, then you should consider appointment of a Parenting Coordinator to pursue resolution of the conflict. Daniel J. Freyberg is recognized by the Brevard County Family Court as a trained Parenting Coordinator. His extensive experience and training gives him the background and qualifications to assist high conflict parents in this difficult task. You should discuss appointment of a Parenting Coordinator with your attorney, or with the Judge assigned to your case.

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