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Facing the process of going through a divorce, can be one of the most difficult and painful situations anyone can find themselves in, both emotionally and financially. When you find yourself in the situation where you are headed for divorce, you need to make sure you have an experienced attorney representing you, in order to make sure your interests are protected.

Daniel J. Freyberg is a strong, compassionate and uniquely experienced family law and divorce attorney. With over 17 years working in the family court system and several years counseling juvenile offenders before becoming an attorney, Attorney Freyberg has watched scores of family cases work their way through the court system. With every case he takes on, he brings both his wealth of knowledge and experience with the divorce process, and his excellent legal skills to the table, in order to bring your divorce to an acceptable close.

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For many years, Daniel J. Freyberg has advised and assisted clients throughout Brevard County, Florida, as well as Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Rockledge, Merritt Island and Titusville. His compassion and wealth of experience in divorce court have been extremely effective and greatly appreciated by many of his clients, in helping them through the difficult process of divorce.

The State of Florida is a “no-fault” divorce state, which means it no longer recognizes or assigns fault as a grounds for divorce. In the State of Florida the term used in divorce proceedings is “Dissolution of Marriage”.

Let's take a look at the different types of dissolution of marriage, or divorce, under Florida law:

Simplified Divorce

Parties with no assets or liabilities to divide, and without children, can save money and unnecessary time and grief, by agreeing in advance to the terms of their divorce before filing. In the State of Florida, parties in such circumstances can seek a simplified divorce and bypass the usual complications of the divorce process.  Both parties must be in agreement.

Attorney Freyberg can advise and assist you and/or your spouse in pursuing a quick and economical simplified divorce, including preparing and filing all the necessary paperwork.

Uncontested Divorce

Many couples reach the decision to divorce amicably and are able to come to mutually agreeable terms without the need for litigation.  Sometimes the parties have agreed to divorce, but have not agreed upon all issues which will define the terms of their divorce.  Often, one party will engage an attorney to draft a proposed Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) to proceed directly to resolution, rather than proceed through the lengthy requirements of litigation.  

Most divorces are ultimately uncontested, because in the course of litigation the parties negotiate terms, either between themselves, through attorneys, or through the process of mediation.  Once the parties have entered into a MSA and have settled all issues, the case is uncontested and only a short, non-adversarial Final Judgment hearing is required to finish the process.  Attorney Freyberg has drafted hundreds of Marital Settlement Agreements, Parenting Plans, and all of the attendant documents necessary to complete an uncontested divorce.

Attorney Daniel J. Freyberg has advised and assisted many clients with their uncontested divorce in Brevard County, Florida, as well as Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Rockledge, Merritt Island and Titusville.

Contested Divorce

When divorcing parties cannot resolve property division, child custody and visitation, child support, alimony, or any other relevant issue, a contested action in court may be required. Attorney Freyberg is an experienced trial lawyer who can zealously pursue your goals in court.

In a contested divorce, one spouse will file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, have the other spouse served, and the other spouse will file an Answer within an allotted time frame. If the Respondent spouse wishes to pursue relief which significantly differs from the Petitioner spouse, he or she may file a Counter-Petition.  A lengthy process ensues, which includes the mandatory exchange of financial disclosure, and may include depositions and Temporary Relief hearings.  The parties will be ordered by the court to attend mediation prior to court involvement.  If issues remain unresolved, both spouses will go to a non-jury trial in front of a judge, who will then make decisions on the issues in the case.  If you find you need to pursue a contested divorce, you should definitely seek the assistance of a lawyer.  Mr. Freyberg has represented scores of husbands and wives in litigating divorces before judges, and his experience can help you immensely in obtaining satisfactory results in court actions.

Complex Divorce

When divorcing parties own businesses, have numerous high-value assets, or have children from separate marriages, they need legal counsel with experience in resolving complex divorces. Complex divorces can often be the most difficult and most contentious of all divorce proceedings.

As complex divorces usually involve disputes over valuable assets and property, it is vital you have a tough and and experienced attorney like Daniel Freyberg, who will aggressively protect your interests.

Negotiated Divorce

A negotiated divorce can begin as uncontested or contested, simple or complex. Attorney Freyberg assists clients at all stages of divorce proceedings to pursue negotiated settlements that can save them money, time and lasting emotional trauma.

In a negotiated divorce, both parties will sit down with an attorney or each will have an attorney present, and they will negotiate the terms of the divorce to everyone's satisfaction.

Mediated Divorce

When divorce negotiations prove difficult, it can help to involve an impartial mediator who can hear all sides and suggest actions that can form the basis of a settlement. Attorney Freyberg has extensive experience in guiding clients through the mediation process.

Mediation is actually one of the more commonly used methods in negotiating a divorce settlement, as there are often sticking points that the parties need help in resolving. Often, the parties' attorneys agree to mediate before the court orders parties to participate in mediation.  When in mediation, both spouses and often both of their respective lawyers, will work with the neutral mediator to help resolve the issues in your divorce. The mediator does not have any legal authority, and does not make any decisions, they are only there to help both spouses decide what is best.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce occurs when attorneys for both divorcing spouses (and the divorcing spouses themselves) collaborate to resolve important financial and child-related issues. The collaborative "team" often also includes a financial expert and/or a "facilitator", who is generally a mental health professional.  Attorney Freyberg has received advanced training in the Collaborative Divorce process and will assist to enable client resolutions using collaborative law techniques, when appropriate.

The collaborative divorce is a relatively new and very innovative approach to settling divorce issues. What makes it unique is the all parties enter into a binding agreement at the beginning of the process, committing to resolve all issues without going to court. As in a negotiated divorce, both spouses and both attorneys will sit down and discuss all the issues at hand in a non-adversarial, our-of-court environment, therefore working as a team to come to a settlement.

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Whether the issues surrounding a divorce are best resolved in court or in a non-adversarial manner, Daniel Freyberg has the experience, skill and knowledge to help you achieve the results you desire.

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LEGAL NOTICE: Daniel J. Freyberg is Retired from Litigation.