Pro Se Mediation in Florida

Resolving family matters such as divorce, paternity, custody, time-sharing, child support, modification of existing orders, and enforcement of existing orders through litigation can be a lengthy and extremely costly process.  Attorney fees are substantial, and the longer it takes to get to resolution, the more it costs.  Courts are backed up, and it can take well over a year to get to court.  However, the reality is that most family cases are ultimately settled, and often at the intiation of the parties themselves.  If you and the other party are contemplating taking action to have an Order entered regarding your family matter, but you are on speaking terms, and believe you may be able to resolve your differences, Pro Se Mediation may be a viable answer for you.

Daniel Freyberg is a Pro Se Mediator in Florida.  The term Pro Se essentially means "self-representation".  Parties to an issue or issues who are not represented by lawyers are representing themselves in the action.  No one is required to have an attorney to pursue an Order in family court, and many people in fact do file their own pleadings and pursue an Order by their own initiative.  However, the publicly provided forms are confusing and the directions are nearly impossible to follow.  Daniel Freyberg is an experienced Family Attorney who is also a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator.  If you and the other party want a low cost, fast results, no attorneys settlement of your issues, consider contacting Daniel Freyberg to schedule mediation of your issues.

Pro Se Mediation can be a one-stop resolution of your family law issues.  Daniel Freyberg will meet with both parties at the same time as a neutral mediator.  Prior to the mediation, through a short telephone interview with both parties, a list of required documents will be provided to bring to mediation.  At mediation, if both parties are able to reach agreement, Mr. Freyberg will draft a settlement agreement, parenting plan, or any other agreements that are necessary to settle your case.  Agreements can be executed and notarized right at the mediation.  If the parties wish, Mr. Freyberg can prepare any additional documents which will be required to obtain an uncontested order, for a fixed fee.  Mr. Freyberg cannot attend a final hearing, because as a neutral mediator, he cannot appear as either party's representative. However, the parties can attend by themselves with the appropriate documents, or Mr. Freyberg can assist in finding an attorney who will appear just for the final hearing to assist in getting the appropriate order or orders entered.

Contact Brevard County Pro Se Mediator Daniel J. Freyberg

To engage an experienced Florida family mediator who will help you to reach a quick, low cost, no attorney resolution of your family law matter, contact Daniel J. Freyberg online, or call 321-459-2994.

LEGAL NOTICE: Daniel J. Freyberg is Retired from Litigation.