High-Asset Divorce Attorney In Florida

High-Asset Divorce In Florida

When it comes to the division of assets in divorce, no two cases are the same, and some asset division cases are much more difficult than others to resolve. When it comes to marriages where there are high-value assets to be divided, or one or both divorcing spouses own businesses or have complicated investments, untying the financial knots can often be more difficult than untying the marital knot.

In the State of Florida, division of property in a dissolution of marriage is required to be "equitable".  The word "equitable" means 'fair', NOT 'equal'. Equitable division generally starts with the proposition of an equal division of marital property, but especially when high-value assets are involved, the operative word here is equitable.  How the assets and liabilities are divided to arrive at an equitable result is up to the parties and/or the court, and there are unlimited ways to achieve equity in a given case.

High-Asset Divorce Attorney Serving Brevard County, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Rockledge, Merritt Island and Titusville

For many years, Daniel J. Freyberg has advised and assisted clients throughout Brevard County, Florida, as well as Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Rockledge, Merritt Island and Titusville. His compassion and wealth of experience in divorce court have been extremely effective and greatly appreciated by many of his clients, in helping them through the difficult process of divorce.

In the case of these high-value asset divorce cases, the first thing that must be done in order to divide them equitably, is to account for all of the marital assets and liabilities, which can sometimes be difficult. The next step is to determine a proper valuation, and then to try and negotiate and agree on how they should be divided between the two parties, which can also be very challenging.

This is when you need the expertise of an experienced and qualified high-asset divorce attorney. Attorney Daniel J. Freyberg is a high-asset divorce attorney serving Brevard County. He has helped his clients resolve disputes in complex divorces involving the division of businesses, real estate and accounts.

He has the experience, knowledge and resources to assist his clients in determining accurate and equitable valuations of their assets and presenting that information in litigation. In the case of high-asset divorces, these can often get so complicated that they require the help of financial experts such as CPAs, appraisers, forensic accountants, and even private investigators. In cases like these, Attorney Freyberg will bring in all the experts necessary to assist in the valuation of assets and get the job done.

Also, as in all divorce cases, the couples marital liabilities will also be examined and equitably distributed between spouses. These marital liabilities include such things as, mortgages, credit card debts and medical bills.

Complex Divorce Attorney Serving Titusville, Merritt Island And All Of Brevard County

As mentioned, Attorney Freyberg uses the services of outside financial experts such as forensic accountants, business valuators and other financial experts to determine the values of a client's assets — and the assets of his or her spouse — and how those assets should be divided.

He helps clients determine ownership and valuation in matters involving:

  • Ownership interests in public and private businesses
  • Stock options
  • 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs and other retirement benefits, including military benefits
  • Professional practices (medical, legal, architectural and others)
  • Cash and liquid assets
  • Personal possessions like jewelry, art and furniture

Protect Your Assets Using Accurate Valuations, Limited Litigation | Brevard County High-Asset Divorce Attorney
Accurate asset valuations are a necessity in any high-asset divorce proceeding. They establish solid evidence for use in court, but they can also be very helpful in negotiations and in situations in which a collaborative or mediated solution can be found.

In his practice, attorney Freyberg has found that negotiations and mediation are often the best ways to resolve division of assets when much is at stake. By limiting expensive litigation, his clients tend to keep more than they would in the event of a court trial.

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LEGAL NOTICE: Daniel J. Freyberg is Retired from Litigation.