Family Mediation Lawyer In Florida

Often times, during the course of a family law or divorce proceeding, the two parties will have disputes on certain issues which they just cannot seem to resolve. When divorce or family law proceedings and negotiations prove difficult, it is time to involve an impartial family mediator, who can hear all sides as an impartial third-party, and suggest actions that can form the basis of a settlement. Attorney Daniel J. Freyberg has many years of experience in guiding clients through the family mediation process.

Mediation is actually one of the more commonly used methods in negotiating a family law or divorce settlement, when there are issues that the parties can not agree upon, and need help in resolving. When in family mediation, both spouses and often one or both of their respective lawyers, will bring in a neutral mediator, to help resolve the issues at hand. The mediator does not have any legal authority, and does not make any decisions, but they are there to suggest resolutions that help both spouses decide what is best.

The role of the mediator is to facilitate discussion between the parties involved, in order to bring about problem-solving and cooperation between the parties. The mediator is there to identify the issues involved and carefully balance resolution of these issues and the needs of the parents, against the needs of any children involved.

Daniel J. Freyberg is a fair, understanding and uniquely experienced family mediation attorney. With 30+ years working in the family court system, Daniel J. Freyberg has watched thousands of mediated cases work their way through the court system. With every case he takes on, he brings both a wealth of knowledge and experience with the mediation process, as well as excellent legal skills to the table, in order to bring your mediated settlement to an acceptable close.

Under Florida law, any case that involves family matters and issues will be referred to family mediation. Family mediation is typically used in cases such as dissolution of marriage, child custody, child support, visitation, asset allocation and paternity, where there are serious issues that are unable to be resolved.

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For many years, Daniel J. Freyberg has advised and assisted clients throughout Brevard County, Florida, as well as Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Rockledge, Merritt Island and Titusville. His compassion and wealth of experience have been extremely effective and hace been greatly appreciated by many of his clients, in helping them through the difficult process of divorce.

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LEGAL NOTICE: Daniel J. Freyberg is Retired from Litigation.