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There are many circumstances which might justify modification of a court order, or when it becomes necessary to bring some type of enforcement action against a party after a judgment has been entered. The reasons for modification vary, but it occurs when a person's circumstances have changed substantially, either the parent or the child, so as to justify a modification of the previous judgment.  The burden of proof is upon the party wishing to make the change, and change is disfavored by the courts absent substantial evidentiary support.

There also times when one spouse refuses to comply with the terms of a prior paternity or divorce agreement or judgment, and this is when you need a qualified family attorney to help you make sure you get enforcement of the terms of the prior agreement or order.

Daniel J. Freyberg is a post-judgment modification and enforcement attorney. He helps clients in Brevard County, Florida to secure modifications of and enforcement of the terms of paternity and divorce orders, parenting plans, family support payments, child support, alimony, and other relevant obligations.

Modify and Enforcing A Judgment | Merritt Island Support Modification Attorney

In both modifications and enforcement situations, legal action must be taken to obtain the relief sought. It is very important that you have experienced legal representation when pursuing modifications and enforcement in court. Florida courts do not automatically grant modifications; however, there are many situations in which a court may agree to grant modifications. Common justifications for modifications include:

  • Unemployment and subsequent loss of income
  • Employment promotion and accompanying increase in income
  • Retirement
  • Financial hardship
  • Relocation
  • Significant change in time spent with children

Attorney Freyberg has helped many clients modify their court orders. When possible, he seeks to negotiate changes with the other party prior to seeking a court determination. However, when an agreement cannot be reached, he is experienced in persuading judges of the merits of your request.

The most important modifications come when it involves the health and welfare of children involved in the divorce or paternity action. These modifications will often pertain to time sharing, parental responsibility, child support and custody and visitation. In these cases there are certain requirements that must be met in order for the modification to be granted. Basically, there must have been a substantial change in the person's circumstances since the original agreement was entered into.

There is never any guarantee the court will grant a modification, however, with proper legal representation, your chances are much better that you will be granted the modification you seek.

Attorney Freyberg also defends against modifications. If your former spouse or parent counterpart seeks a modification that you oppose, he can assist you in defending yourself against it.

Enforce A Judgment

If a party to a court order fails or refuses to comply with the terms of that order, the aggrieved party may need to take him or her to court to ensure the order is obeyed. Attorney Freyberg handles a variety of enforcement cases, the most common of which is the non-payment of support. We can help you make sure the court takes the action needed to collect your support, including garnishment of wages if it is necessary. Others enforcement cases include custody issues and enforcement of visitation agreements. If you need to pursue an enforcement order for child support, spousal support, child custody or another matter, attorney Freyberg can provide valuable legal assistance.  

Attorney Freyberg also defends individuals accused of violating family court orders.  Failure to pay child support is a jailable offense, and it is important to obtain the representation of an experienced family lawyer to protect your rights in court.

Over the years, attorney Freyberg's efforts have improved the lives of many of his clients and their family members, by resolving these often tough and sometimes emotional enforcement issues to the satisfaction of both parties.

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LEGAL NOTICE: Daniel J. Freyberg is Retired from Litigation.